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The forged series was created to really create the highest quality wheel possible. With the best of the best, you will be separated from the rest. The TR10 has features that no other wheel has. Notice the machine lines on the edge of the spokes? We were created to be different and stand out- so why should all wheels be the same? All parts are made in America and are made of forged 6061 aluminum. All wheels are custom built to specs and finished to customers desires.

Payment Plans

We can build the wheels over the course of 3 weeks, 3 months or even a year for you. Just email us and we can always do 50% down and then the remaining once you receive pics of the wheels and they are ready to ship.


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All of our forged wheels are built to order, and made from the ground up in our facility here in Saugatuck, Michigan, USA. All wheels are fully custom and tailor made from forged 6061 aluminum. (even our center caps are made of forged 6061 aluminum)

Available in any bolt pattern, offset, width, center bore and finish.

We recreate your brakes into CAD and then make the wheel around the brakes so they barely clear- which gets you maximum lip size. Because of this process, you won’t have to run any spacers

Place an order and we will contact you for more information, such as, year, make and model on the car, what brakes you have, what suspension you are on, and what width and offset you want. If you are unsure about width and offset, we can recommend what to do to get the perfect fitment you are looking for. We specialize in doing specs for people and we have done it over 10,000 times.

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  1. Trevor Reno

    TR10s are the best looking wheel I’ve ever seen. All the 3D in the wheel design is amazing.

  2. Terry P

    Oh man I absolutely love my wheels. It was worth every second I had to wait. The 2 tone center caps really helped set it off with the super shiny chrome lips and these are the best wheels I’ve ever had. Hands down.

  3. Evenstad O

    Bro I love my wheels! Thank you everyone at WCI for all your hard work.

  4. Marcel S

    Best wheels in the world!!!

  5. Shane S

    Extremely strong wheels. Hit many pot holes and no issues at all.

  6. Shannon T

    Perfect finish, fitment and design. Will be back for my 4th set! Thank you fam.

  7. John U

    11/10. Love my wheels and love the looks I get. Just won a few awards at a show this past weekend, shout out to team WCI.

  8. Dave K

    Thank you for everything so far, the wheels look so good on the car, the fitment is dialed in and it’s just perfect. I’ll go ahead and send you the pictures and videos once I have them.

  9. Michael P

    Love this design, wheels look even better in person.

  10. Chris M

    Wheels just clear my brakes which gave me maximum room to get the largest lips. Super happy!!

  11. David M

    Thank you for everything so far, the wheels look so good on the car, we got the fitment dialed in and it’s just perfect. I’ll send some pictures and videos over once I have them. The finish is perfect, it definitely stands out, and goes so well with everything else on the car.

  12. Rich M

    Going into this I was concerned about fitment. I talked to Chris and I explained I wanted fender in lip fitment. First test fit and they were absolutely perfect, didn’t even have to adjust camber or anything. Highly recommend 11/10.

  13. Byron M

    Perfect customer service and also got progress pictures throughout the whole process

  14. Kelly V

    Haven’t received my set yet but the customer service, updates and pictures so far have been awesome. Super excited! Thank you WCI!

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