The wheels are here 🙂 They looks very very perfect and the quality is very good... Chris and I spent many hours going back and forth on fitment to get me the biggest possible lips and still fit perfectly in the arch. I cannot be happier with the outcome!

- Haiku Hartmann

I love my wheels and have had zero problems.
I cannot thank you enough for the wheels!

- Grayson Denny

I've been super excited about these cause they've been my dream wheels for awhile and I can't believe I have em on my car haha. Huge shout out to @wci_jay for helping me get them all squared away! Thanks again man! Definitely happy I decided to go with @watercooledind for my new setup! Thanks for the sick wheels! ?

- Ashton Twitchell

@watercooledind just wanted to thank them for these amazing wheels. It was a wait but worth it in my eyes. Great people to deal with and cant say enough good things about backing up there product!!! Once again thank you chris and the wci crew

- Christian

??? Shoutout to @watercooledind for building these gems for me. I couldnt be happier with the quality of these wheels everything about them is perfect.
Now off to @dndgarage to do what they do best and get these things sitting right???

- Kyle Hicks

Special thanks to @watercooledind for building me an AWESOME set of wheels and having some of the best customer service Ive dealt with. Hit them up for your next wheel purchase they will get you taken care of

- Eddie Benoit

I’ve ran a lot of sets of WCI wheels and every time I’ve been 110% happy and satisfied with every set. From the cast SY10’s to super concave CC5’s, they were all a great experience. If anyone is looking to transform the look of their car, hit up WCI.

- Matt Hixon

I’m in love with these 3 piece wheels. They were a huge part of the build and I cannot be happier with them! Luke and Chris dialed in the fitment for me and helped me get the exact look and sizing I needed! I am 110% happy and look forward to getting many more sets!

- Bodie Gemi

I ordered a set from Lucas and I’m very happy with how they came out. Came out complete and done faster than I expected. I’m very happy with the way they fit, the finish and everything. I was a little scared knowing that I’m all the way over in Europe and WCI is in the US, but communication was 110% perfect and very smooth. Look forward to getting many more sets thanks guys!

- Robin Lindhav

WCI is a great company, i've had two sets of wheels from them and i cannot be happier. The wheel designs are amazing, durable and always catch someones eye. I'm always recommending WCI to any of my fellow car enthusiasts. Customer service was great, got all my wheels quickly and anytime i had a question about anything i always got a quick response.

- Brandon Kobernick

WCI crew I can't thank you enough, bought my first pair of 3 piece wheels and they are absolutely beautiful. the measurements were also perfect! The customer service was spot on a very friendly staff Chris and Joe were both very knowledgeable. I will certainly be working more in the future with you.

- Patrick Dyson

Thank you for all your help guys! I'm truly grateful for all your guys hard work so I can kill it next season! You guys are the best and look forward to seeing my 2nd set all complete!

- Stephon Solomon

Really happy with the first set of wheels so I got a 2nd set! Luke and Chris went above and beyond to make sure I was super happy. I love the finish and fitment. Thanks again guys!!

- Michael Dennis

Absolutely love how the wheels came out with the concave and full polish finish! Just picked up an s5 and getting set #2! These guys know their fitment and the designs are even better. Thanks again team!!

- Justin Murdza

I've had nothing but a good experience with watercooled ind wheels. They were able to build my dream wheels exactly how i wanted with excellent customer service!!! Everything is always on time and works perfectly?...Definitely recommend them to anyone searching for a unique quality build.....

- Junior Smith

The wheels are very stunning and I am very much in love! All the way from the US to Australia. I was scared when UPS had not dropped off the last wheel, but the next day it came and it was perfect! The wheels are very beautiful and I am very happy with them! I cannot wait to get another set thanks again team!

- Corey Nolan

The wheels have arrived and look spectacular! I test fitted today and the fronts are a good fit, no issues with the brakes (8 pistons). The finish is on point and very happy with the way they fit. You guys sure did a nice job on the brake clearance, as it barely clears. I attached some pictures for you! Thanks so much WCI!

- Mark Hoyle

Absolutely love how the sy10's look on my MK4 GLi. So clean and so simple just really enjoying them. I can't remember how many sets I've gotten from WCI, but every time I've been very happy and 110% pleased. Look forward to many more transactions.

- Eli Conaway

Beautiful wheels. The design is even better than expected. The customer service is great. I will definitely be back to order another set!

- Daniel Deanhoffer

Absolutely love how my unique and different 3 piece CC10's came out. The black chrome lip and the gunmetal centers are what really makes it pop! Thanks so much to WCI for the beautiful and gorgeous wheels!

- Frank Pina

Love watercooledind these wheels are top of the line. Finishes are pristine. Customer service was great and still is continuing to be great even after everything was all said and done. Definitely recommend them to everyone needing beautiful 3pc wheels!

- Blake Leavitt

10/10 would recommend WatercooledIND to anyone! Ordered my wheels during the busiest time of the season and Chris made sure they were at my doorstep in 5 weeks! Perfectly powdercoated & polished lips, and they were already assembled! The customer service could not be any better. Despite me being needy and annoying, Chris was never anything less than genuine, nice & understanding with me! I was sent updates every few days of the progress of my set and what was being done. I have my MD1's on my car that I daily in Rhode Island, and they have never disappointed! They've kept their powder coating through snow, salt, rain & haven't cracked (even being put through some crazy deep potholes). You will not be disappointed choosing this company!

- Gianna

Beautiful wheels! Been in love ever since I put them on! Thank you so much!

- Breanna Nelson

I love the wheels!! thank you for the best customer service and beautiful wheels ????. Loved this polished LP1.

- Ernesto Carreno

When I first got in contact with watercooledind I wasn't sure who I was gonna go through for my first set of 3 piece wheels, I had messaged several companies; shortly after contacting WCI I got an instant response from Chris and he was so friendly and quick to respond unlike the other companies. Also I needed help with my wheel specs and he helped me through the whole process step-by-step. Not only was the customer service fantastic but I had an upcoming event in which my car had to be ready for, So as stressful I may have been to WCI they handled it with the upmost support and rushed as frantically as I did to get the job done. They had overnighted my wheels and when I received them they completely went above and beyond my expectations matching my car completely and solely by pictures only. It was so mesmerizing to see my first set of 3 piece wheels for the first time and knowing the company did everything possible to make them perfect! After receiving my wheels i knew I was gonna go through them for my air ride. Just like my wheels, WCI had the air ride quickly sent out to me so it could be installed for events. I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for your help, persistence and patience watercooledind!

- Raul Estrada

The style and quality of these wheels are absolutely amazing. I get countless compliments on how cool and unique these wheels are. Can't thank Chris enough for helping me and can't wait to get my next set of wheels.

- Michael Nikkhoo

Watercooled IND has been a fantastic company to work with. Spent many an email going back and forth regarding color and fitment. Even when issues arose, WCI made sure I was aware and offered me solutions. Seeing them for the first time was everything I had dreamed of. They looked beautiful & fit better than I could have hoped for. The quality was there and color was spot on.
WCI has my loyalty & future wheel purchases in the bag. Thanks for everything, can't wait to continue working with you! Above & beyond, as always.

- Vita Jessen

My experience with WCI was excellent!
Good communication, quick delivery and an awesome set of wheels!
Would absolutely recommend - 10/10 points!

- Petter Dammen

I absolutely love my WCI wheels! The time frame was accurate. The packaging was extremely well done! I can never forget the moment I opened the box and saw the huge shiny lips of my LP1 wheels, it was amazing. Customer service was exceptional. I am very picky, I bothered them with emails every day, and they answered every time. I am looking forward to getting my next set of wheels from WCI! The hardest decision will be choosing the style I want!

- Nader Abdelkhaleq